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FORT SCOTT, Ks. – Moving is always difficult – but it is impossible if there is no house available.

We are talking about middle income homes.

Unfortunately, the real estate market has been hit hard during the pandemic. This means that there is a shortage of middle income homes.

Often times, people need to know about a property in advance for the chance to acquire a new home, but many are forced to be put on a waiting list instead.

Fort Scott resident Kim Motley said, “We went there instantly because we knew as soon as it went up it was going to be gone.”

The housing market has become incredibly competitive in places like Fort Scott.

“If you see it, you better grab it, I mean sometimes before it even goes on, in minutes, literally minutes.”

Since the start of the pandemic, fewer people have wanted to sell, making sought-after properties harder to find.

Crystal Mason, Front Door Real Estates, said, “We don’t have that much volume, and what we have is going really fast, people are a little scared to list their properties right now.”

So with these large middle income homes harder to find, it’s hard to grow a city’s population. But that didn’t stop Jeremy Frazier, Director of the City of Fort Scott. He sees potential in some other properties in town.

Jeremy Frazier, Director of the City of Fort Scott, said: “What we’ve found is that we have a lot of homes that are low to middle income homes, and we have a few homes that are in the area. upper part of this scale.

Fort Scott officials therefore want to take advantage of these properties.

“We are trying to market these lots for development on the land to developers who are interested in this middle and middle income housing style house, and we have a good chunk of it available which is primarily not city property. , but we are trying to connect these developers to these owners. “

To help create the necessary momentum, the city can use for its future.

“Now that we are coming out of the COVID era, we hope I really expect it to heat up and really gain more traction.”

Fort Scott officials say they will only focus on low- and moderate-income properties that are either vacant or abandoned. Thus, those currently living in low and middle income housing will not have to worry about being evicted as a result of this process.

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