Can you set which option is better? With a broker (intermediary) or go to transact directly with the bank? What is recommended for a mortgage loan ?

The broker or the bank?

The broker or the bank?

When it comes to seeking help to process a mortgage loan, there are two options for this process: bank and mortgage broker. Do you know what differentiates them and what is the best option?

Some people qualify the purchase of housing as one of the most important acquisitions in life, so it is essential to make sure that things are being done correctly.

Rather than being two different figures



They complement each other. The banks are the ones who lend the money to acquire a house, and the brokers act as intermediaries between the bank and the client.

The intermediaries offer the possibility of having the mortgage credit that best suits. By not working with a single bank, they have no exclusivity; therefore they give you many more alternatives.

The broker is a highly specialized person in everything related to mortgage loans because he only dedicates himself to that.

The work of the advisors who work in a bank is not so specific

The work of the advisors who work in a bank is not so specific

So it is logical that they do not have such a high degree of specialization.

Although the job of bank advisors is just to guide you on the financial products that are of your interest, it is a fact that they will hardly give you personalized advice.

If you hire a mortgage broker you will have the peace of mind that he will focus one hundred percent on your case by providing a personalized service that begins with the development of your profile.

Approaching a mortgage broker will be very helpful to carry out the process of your credit, because who better than a specialist in the field to know what are the best options for you and to manage everything necessary in the process.

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